"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within" - Maya angelou
A Single
   Desperate Prayer
More than a memoir, A Single Desperate Prayer is a riveting account of one resilient girl's life in a Crimean Ghetto, replete with equal amounts of tragedy and triumph. 
How hopeless can a child get?  Ludmila got there.
How did she escape her condition?  A single desperate prayer.

Ludmila had to wait a considerable time for her prayer to be answered. The underlying beauty of her story lies in what she did while she waited.

This gripping story appeals to a wide audience, from children, to adults, from adoptive parents to those considering it. People who've been orphaned, or lost, or are looking for a way out. Those who need inspiration, and are searching for a practical way to find happiness and purpose in life.

This page-turning story is sure to enrich every reader's life with a powerful message of determination and Faith.
10% of my monthly book sales will go straight to Hope Now Ministries!
Why I wrote my Memoir
 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou
Ever since my adoption to America, I had the unrelenting desire to write my story one day.  I knew I could use it to help people, to inspire people, and support them to know God from within. After all, God heard my prayer, and spared my fate. I felt like I owed it to the world, like God wanted me to share my story. It felt important, and so it became my dream as I didn't write it right away.

It would take me fifteen long years before I would be able to write and share my story with the world. I thought when I came to America, I had left my past behind, but I was wrong. Every time I tried to write my experiences down, I failed miserably. I had no clue that revisiting my past would prove to be more unbearably painful and arresting than I had ever imagined.

I never gave up - despite the hardships I endured back in Crimea, as well as here in America after my adoption. I found a way to keep going forward, even if it meant crawling there. That's when I realized I had to heal myself; Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally big time! I learned that I had to discover who I was and who I wanted to be one day. Slowly but surely, I begun to allow myself to get to know who I was, who I was not, and who I wanted to become. At that point, all I knew was that I wanted a career in helping people.

I remember being at the orphanage and playing doctor with some of my friends. Sometimes I was the doctor, other times I was the assistant; fake-naming my patients through old library cards we kids picked up by the dumpster. I was twelve.

Twenty years later, I am still here, I made it! And I am so beyond grateful to have the opportunity to live a happy life in America, and help people to heal spiritually and Energetically as an Intuitive Empath and a Shaman.

By sharing my story, I hope to help people find their own unique way to Self Empowerment, Spirituality, Self Fulfillment, Purpose, and God.  I want people to know that our past doesn't have to cripple us. We don't have to become someone else's story they have made us to be. Instead, we can forge our own path to find our happiness, purpose and belonging. The best part is that everything we need to get there we already have residing within us!
“The living soul of man, once conscious of its power, cannot be quelled.” Horace Mann
My 10% Pledge Each Year
While on my journey to self discovery,  I have never forgot about helping orphans from the country that was once my home. After all, my own fate would have been the same as that of the 60 to 70 percent of Ukrainian orphans who end up in crime (or worse) if I hadn't been spared and adopted to America. It is something I cannot bear to imagine; my heart truly aches for all those who are still there.

That's why I have chosen to give 10% of my monthly book sales to charitable organizations throughout Ukraine.  Once a year, I will choose a trustworthy organization to support by pledging for a full year. I feel that there are many orphan children in Ukraine, and in the world, and every one of them is important and needs our help.

This coming year, I have chosen to work with Hope Now Ministries. (https://hopenowusa.org) a nonprofit Christian organization that raises money for orphaned children in Cherkasy, Central Ukraine.

Hope Now Ministries is working to fund and expand a scholarship-based "Orphan Graduate Program" that offers the post-orphanage grad an opportunity to complete their secondary education, attend college or get a job, and to learn the life skills necessary to find success after they leave the orphanage.

Cyndee Knight Has been working in Ukraine for many years, and is doing remarkable work to help these children. We can't do this work without your helping hand!

If you are inspired to help an orphan of Ukraine, please click on the link below. It will take you straight to Hope Now Ministries, where you can make a world of difference!
Plight Of Ukrainian Orphans
Ukraine has enough orphanages to host over one - hundred thousand orphaned children. Most of them end up in orphanages because of dysfunctional family situations, alcoholism, poverty and abuse.

In Ukraine, there are no helplines, no aid of any sort like here what you find in America, where the less fortunate are able to live with government - subsidized assistance.When Ukrainian families cannot provide for their children, the state takes them and places them in an orphanage. 
While there, the children do not receive a proper education of any sort of skills to prepare them for college or employment. Most of them will "graduate" before their eighteenth birthday, alone and helpless. The vast majority of graduates have nowhere to go, or anyone to turn to for guidance or help.
They leave the orphanage with, on average, a fifth - grade education, and making things worse, no one wants to hire these children, who lack education, life skills, money and support.
There is not enough government funding to support the orphans, and so orphanages are unable to keep the children past the ninth grade, regardless of their circumstances or age. After graduation they are completely on their own. Less than 1 percent go on to higher education or university.  A staggering 60 to 70 percent of these orphan graduates will end up facing crime, violence, prostitution, or death.
That's why I am so happy to support the Orphan Graduate Programs this coming New Year of 2020 by pledging 10% of my monthly book sales to Hope Now Ministries.

My prayer is that these scholarship  based "Graduate Programs" spread through out  the Ukraine, giving hope to more orphan graduates to have a fair chance to live their lives.
Photo Gallery
Here is an image of Alyona and me in the middle hugging at a church celebration Dec. 1999 Crimea, Ukraine
There I am - on the left getting off the bus in Kiev with couple of the girls from the orphanage. Jan. 2002
This is an image of my entire orphanage class Sept. 2002. I received this photo after my arrival to America.
The three day train ride to Kiev, I am at the very back along with some of my friends and other children from the orphanage where we lived. Taken in Jan. 2002
. “Follow your soul. It knows the way.” Anonymous
About The Author
Ludmila Ritz lives in New England with her husband Jonathan and their two beloved pups, Franky and Marley, who keep them young and on their toes.

Ever since she arrived in America in 2002, Ludmila knew she wanted to have a career that would focus on helping people to heal, get inspired, and live happily fulfilled lives. She wrote her memoir to do just that.

It took fifteen years to write her story, as it proved to be an overwhelmingly painful process with many false starts. Never giving up, she eventually wrote the entire manuscript for a Single Desperate Prayer  in a remarkably short span of time; her story had been percolating for years, and she was finally ready to tell it.

After several years of hard work, experience, and training, Ludmila has begun helping people to heal their spiritual selves. She sees clients virtually from her home, alongside her husband, a Naturopathic Physician. If you would like to know more about her works, visit the service page by clicking on "service" tab above.

When Ludmila is not busy writing and helping others, you will find her working on her latest painting or composing music at the piano. She enjoys snapping-away with her camera, being outdoors, and participating in a good philosophical conversation by the fire. Mostly, she loves to laugh with her husband and have fun being goofy with the pups.

Ludmila hopes to keep inspiring people with her Faith in God, her understanding of the spiritual self, healing and intuition. 
Copyright 2019 Ludmila Ritz.  All rights reserved.
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